All You Need to Know About Writing a Pulmonary Fellowship Personal Statement to Get Matched

The pulmonary fellowship personal statement is one of the most essential documents to submit among aspirants that want to become a fellow in their dream school.  But how do you write the personal statement for interventional pulmonary without quality pulmonary fellowship personal statement samples?  How many pulmonary fellowship personal statement words do you need to include? Find out more in the following.

Pulmonary Fellowship Application

To apply for a pulmonary fellowship to a school that participates in the NRMP fellowship, you should complete a three-year residency in internal medicine.   You can find applications for the program at the NRMP website.

You can also visit the Electronic Residency Application Service regarding the application process for the ERAS match day.  As a general rule, an application should include

  • A CV
  • Dean’s letter
  • Pulmonary critical care fellowship personal statement
  • Completed ERAS application
  • Medical school transcript
  • Three recommendation letters
  • USMLE scores

pulmonary fellowship personal statement writing help

General timeline

The ERAS season begins June 7. 2018

  • MyERAS tokens will be generated and distributed.
  • You can start working on your application by first signing up in the MyERAS.
  • The application cycle programs will start July 5, 2018, and applicants may apply to the July cycle.
  • The programs available for the July cycle will start receiving applications starting July 15, 2018.
  • For those interested to apply to the application cycle programs for December, they can start applying November 21, 2018.
  • For the complete general timeline, you may visit this link.

The field is a competitive one.  According to this source, there were 568 positions and 789 applicants for the pulmonary disease and critical care medicine.

interventional pulmonary fellowship personal statement example               pulmonary hypertension fellowship personal statement example
The General Timeline
  • October-January – applicants must complete their ERAS application. They should also request and then complete the applications for the non-participating programs.
  • October-December – applicants must request for letters of reference and then arrange well for the dean’s letter to be submitted.
  • January-February – the applicants should arrange for interview dates.
  • February-May – this is the period when interviews are taking place.
  • May or June – this is the period when the Match Rank lists are due.
  • Late June – it is when the results of the match will be released.
  • The following year, July – the fellowship will begin.

Top 10 Pulmonary Fellowship Programs

If you’re looking for programs that offer the best pulmonary programs, keep reading bin the following.

  1. Pulmonary Disease Fellowship: It is a two-year program that is one of the most chosen among students looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in pulmonary medicine.
  2. Norwalk Hospital: It is committed to offering students with educational opportunities to help them in pursuing career in administrative leadership, clinical care and academic medicine. Visit their site to know their requirements like pulmonary critical care fellowship personal statement.
  3.   The program accepts eight fellows annually. It is one of the best programs for pulmonary fellowship.
  4. UCSF Fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine: It is one of the world’s leaders in fellowship training. It is committed to developing the innovators, academic leaders and educators that can reflect the excellence they value.
  5. NewYork-Presbyterian Queens: It is one of the best in pulmonary fellowship in the world. Visit its site for complete requirements.
  6. Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center: This program is committed to provide research training and clinical experience to fellows.
  7. MAYO:  It offers a two-year fellowship that aims at helping doctors that want to pursue a medical or clinical career in pulmonary medicine.  It gives students the ability to complete the certification requirements for critical care medicine and pulmonary medicine.
  8. University of South Florida Medical College:   It is a combined three-year program that helps students to learn the clinical and basic aspects of the medicine areas.
  9. University Of South Alabama: It offers a three-year program offering fellows training, education and clinical experience.
  10. YALE:   It is committed to provide clinical and leadership skills to students that want to pursue a career in pulmonary medicine.

Pulmonary Fellowship Personal Statement

Check out the following for

How long should it be?

The pulmonary hypertension personal statement length varies from one school to another.  Check their website for complete instructions.

When should you start writing?

You should start writing the oncology personal statement as early as possible to ensure that you won’t have to rush in the process.

What are UNIs looking for?

The UNIs are looking for candidates that can share the same passion and values they have.   It is for the same reason that the dermatology personal statement must be tailored from one university to another.

What questions should it cover?

The rheumatology personal statement should cover questions like your future plans, why you deserve to become a part of the program, your motivations and career path.

What sort of structure or format to use?

The format is narrative and story-telling style. It should be relatable to the readers and with an attack to their emotions.

How to tailor it for different courses?

You can tailor the personal statement for interventional pulmonary or pulmonary fellowship programs for different courses by reading the instructions of the school and writing based on those.  Do a research about the program and write based on what you found out about their values and core principles, among others.

Quick Expert Tips

Are you looking for respirology and respiratory medicine personal statement tips?  Check out the following for some pro tips in pulmonary hypertension personal statement.

  1. Customized: Tailor the paper per university you’re applying to ensure it meets requirements and follow rules.
  2. Original: Do not copy and paste a pulmonary critical care fellowship personal statement example. Write an original one to increase chances for success.
  3. Proper structure:  Choose an angle to discuss in your application and focus on it.
  4. Correct grammar and spelling:  Show pulmonary fellowship competitiveness with proper English, so edit your paper before submission.
  5. Pulmonary fellowship personal statement samples: Check samples for ideas on how to come up with a great PS.

Other Documents Needed

The following are the main documents needed when applying for fellowships.

  1. Letters of recommendation:   Look for recommenders early and request for them for early submission.
  2. CV: Customize your resume for each program, whether included in the pulmonary fellowship rankings or not.
  3. Personal statements: Be able to ask help from the pros when needed.

Get started with a great pulmonary fellowship personal statement today!