University of Miami Hematology, Oncology Fellowship Programs

University of Miami hematology oncology fellowship prepares and orients fellows in both laboratory and clinical teaching. For more information, you should read this page to know about requirements, deadline of submission or tips for writing an amazing hematology oncology personal statement.

University of Miami Fellowship Overview

University of Miami fellowship in hematology-oncology is offering a well-integrated training leading to eligibility on board examination after 3 years of training. The fact is that the fellowship is ACGME accredited.

The program includes clinical rotations for eighteen months in 36 months of the program, while the remaining time will be distributed to research whether it is clinical, translational or basic research.

It also includes vacation and elective rotations. In addition, the fellowship program is offering broad exposure in the hematologic as well as oncologic disease in outpatient and in-patient settings in three hospitals.

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Requirements for University of Miami Hematology Oncology Fellowship

It is important to know about the requirements of the university because you need to submit it on time. Late applications will not be accepted or rejected by the program that is why it is important to know the requirements.

  1. Applications are being accepted through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service).
  2. Applicants should complete ACGME accredited fellowship program
  3. Applicants must submit an application via ERAS.
  4. Permanent residents, physician and US citizens under J-1 or H-1B can apply
  5. Curriculum vitae: Details of students undergraduate, professional or graduate education which include fellowships, residencies, past internships and other work history, scholarships, honors received, memberships, grants including publications and research experience.
  6. Personal statement: It should be one page discussing about interest in medicine, professional goals and interest in the program.
  7. Medical school diploma: Applicants should send documentation and it must be translated in English.
  8. References: Applicants should submit 3 references wherein one should come from fellowship director or current residency.
  9. USMLE score reports: Must need to send photocopies of the official reports before the application deadline.
  10. ECGMG certificate: Must need to send photocopy in IMG only.

Note: It is strongly encourages that applicants should apply online. Also, electronic references are encouraged online because paper copies is not considered and not required.

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Each applicant must need to complete all requirements to get board certification on ABIM. Every fellow can have their education individualized so that they can reach their future goals. The fellowship program composed of mandatory rotations, core rotations, flexible time and structured electives.

In the first year of students, they need to complete the in-patient hematology-oncology core rotations at JMH and SCCC.

It is strongly encouraged that students should submit their application by march 1, 2019. If you are having doubts if the date is still available, you can inquire or ask questions to the program. Interviews will be Mid-March or April.

University of Miami is one of the schools you can choose from when it comes to fellowship program. You can apply to the available slots if you want, but make sure to complete all materials and apply early to have advantage than others. Your application must all be completed through online application.

There you have what to learn about fellowship application in this great university that has made leaders in the field and it certainly will help you, too.

Check out more about the school through its official site and learn more about its qualification requirements.

And good luck with the University of Miami hematology oncology fellowship!