Pros and Cons of Surgical Fellowships Program

Surgery is a specialty in medicine that treats disorders and diseases by removing, changing and cutting the body with operative procedure. A surgery program will help you to know the specialized training when it comes to operative procedures.

10 Surgical Fellowships

  1. Harvard Medical School: The tuition for Harvard University is about 53,581 dollars and they are in the first list in offering surgical fellowship. They also have a high ranking on the internet when it comes to surgery fellowship.
  2. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine: The school is on the second list offering surgery fellowship. When it comes to tuition, it is 47, 284 dollars. The university is located in Baltimore, Maryland.
  3. Perelman School of Medicine: The institution is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they have 52,478 dollars tuition. They also have a good ranking online for one of the best programs in surgery.
  4. UW School of Medicine: University of Washington is located in Seattle, Washington and their tuition is estimated as 30,186 dollars.
  5. David Geffen School of Medicine: University of California is located in Los Angeles, California. They have a tuition fee of 32, 546 dollars and their fellowship will help students to get the degree that want without investing much money.
  6. Michigan Medical School: University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and they have 30,250 dollars tuition. They have challenging environment for their students to learn more.
  7. UNC School of Medicine: The university is located Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Getting their fellowship program will help you to complete your degree in surgery anytime you want.
  8. Pittsburgh School of Medicine: Pittsburgh University is situated in Pennsylvania and it is one of the choices for wonderful fellowship program in surgery.
  9. Stanford School of Medicine: Stanford University is located in California and many students are applying to their fellowship program. If you want to get a good financial assistance, you can choose the school.
  10. Pritzker School of Medicine: University of Chicago is located in Illinois and they offer quality education to all their students.

Advantages of Surgery Fellowship

If you get the physician fellowship or surgery fellowship program of the school, you get many benefits such as parking. Licensure to practice, life support training, employment resources and others, but keep in mind that the benefits you get will get depends on the school you choose.

Jobs for Surgery Professionals

  • Surgical technologist
  • Health care facility

Pros and Cons of Surgical Fellowship program


  • Give you financial assistance
  • Help you to complete your degree
  • Free travel on seminars and others
  • Available employment resources
  • Get free training and studies


  • Must ensure to meet all requirements
  • Meet the standard of the program
  • Meet the grade set by the program

Many hepatology fellowship and surgery fellowships are available on the internet. It is easy to find them because all what you need to do is to open your computer and begin to research. The problem is that if the available slot for the fellowship is closed that is why as early as possible, you need to begin researching and applying as early as you can so that you get a slot.

Good luck with choosing surgical fellowships!