IMG Residency Personal Statement Writing

img residency personal statement writing

What Role Plays an IMG Residency Personal Statement in Your Life?

IMG stands for International Medical graduate. These are the medical students who graduate from any medical institution, which is outside the USA and Canada. Students, who are not US residents but have studied in the US are not considered as IMG. As far as IMG residency personal statement is concerned it plays a very important role in your residency selection, like fellowship personal statement in medical fellowship application. It gives you an opportunity to tell the admission committee why you are applying as an International medical graduate. What you have achieved so far and how your personality traits, skills, and abilities can be beneficial for the institution.

Usually, students don’t consider it important and write medical residency personal statement for IMG carelessly. It reduces their chances to secure their residency seat. It is a very important document, which needs proper attention. It is used as an evaluation tool to judge the writing skills and comprehension abilities of the students. It can also be used as a platform to showcase your abilities and achievements. If your CV has a red mark, you can clear things in the personal statement. So, it’s a vital document and all the medical institution ask for it as a part of their application procedure.

7 Efficient Steps on Writing an Attention-Grabbing Residency IMG Personal Statement

img residency personal statement sampleIf you want to secure our seat in the residency of your choice, you need to write a perfect personal statement. You have to stand out from the crowd and proof that you are unique and deserves this seat more than any other graduate. Write a customized statement for every institution you are applying to. Sending the same PS to every institution is not a good idea. Here are some steps to write a good personal statement.

  • The first step is to brainstorm your abilities, achievement and all the positive points, which show the positive and vibrant side of your personality. You can ask your family member to help you. Write all these points in chronological order. This outline will be a great residency IMG personal statement help.
  • Now start writing your personal statement. Start with a bang! You have to make a very strong first impression. An interesting start will keep you’re the reader involved for long, otherwise, the admission committee is not interested in reading boring and copied personal statements.
  • The first paragraph should be about your introduction. Avoid mentioning academic details, as they are in your resume. However, if you have any distinctions, you can mention here.
  • In the second and third paragraph, mention your interest in this particular field of residency and institution. you can search the website to know the strengths of the place.
  • The last paragraph should be a strong message that how important this residency is for you and how important milestone it will be in your life.
  • Keep the word count limitation in mind. Some institutions ask for a word limit, while others don’t restrict their students. But you should not exceed from one or one and a half page.
  • When you are done with externship IMG personal statement, edit and proofread, more than one times.

medical residency personal statement for img

Residency IMG Personal Statement Structure

There is no hard and fast rule for writing personal statements. Yet the structure of residency personal statement is simple. You have to start with an introductory paragraph. After that start a new paragraph with your academic achievements and work experience. If you have any community work experience, you can also mention here. Then comes hobbies and extracurricular activities, which shows your strengths as a personality. Personal statement residency internal medicine IMG and orthopedic residency personal statement should also include your activities and achievements during your study period in the previous institution. The last paragraph is the conclusion. Conclude your personal statement showing the passion for this residency and tell the admission committee that how important this residency is for you. You can see a residency personal statement from IMG sample for the sake of guidance.

5 Requirements That You Should Follow for Successful IMG Residency Application

residency personal statement from img sampleYou have to submit your application through ERAS system, which is an online system. If your application will not complete, the system will not submit it. So, you need to complete all the document requirements for the successful submission of the application. The required documents are as follows.

  • Letter of Recommendation (LoR)
  • Personal Statement
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  • CV
  • Medical School Transcript

These are the compulsorily required documents. Other than these, you might need your photographs as well. You can also find the list of required documents on the ERAS website.

How to Find the Best IMG Program to Apply To?

It is not difficult to find foreign medical students residency now. You can search the internet and find the list of an institution who welcome IMGs. If you are interested in a particular institution, search the website of the place and find the details. Your teachers and colleagues can also guide you. Some social media groups also provide this kind of information. So, there are plenty of platforms to get information.

List of 5 IMG Friendly Residency Programs

IMG can apply in any residency program. Yet the foreign medical graduate friendly residency programs are as follows.

  • Pathology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Family Medicine
  • General Surgery

Writing IMG residency personal statement is not easy, but with this guide, you’ll know what to do!