Gastroenterology Fellowship Program: Where, When, How to Apply

A gastroenterologist is dedicated with their job. A program in it will give unique experience and dedicated training in managing disease if gastrointestinal liver and tract. Gastroenterology is study of normal function as well as disease of stomach, esophagus, colon, rectum and small intestine.

Knowing fellowship schools offering gastroenterology is essential, especially if you really want to take the degree, but it is important that you check the website of the school for more information. You need to know about the gastroenterology personal statement writing requirements, the deadlines of submission, the steps on how to apply and much more.

Gastroenterology Fellowship Schools

For list of schools you can apply for, check this out!

  1. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: With the program, they help students to know all the treatments needed for gastroenterology.
  2. Boston University: The program deals by helping students by knowing risky surgeries and applying successful treatment with their patients. They give the highest care to students for them to enhance their skills.
  3. Cincinnati University: Treatments for viruses will be taught to students. The program offers advanced technology for their learners to know how to use it and to give the best treatment to patients.
  4. University of Wisconsin: Prescriptions is important to know by students studying gastroenterology. With it, they will be given focused on how to treat kids and adults. They will know how to use electronic system in preventing medical mistakes.
  5. University of Colorado: Treating patients is difficult, but if you enroll to the university, it will help you to know all the things you need to do. You will know about the perfect medication in treating gastroenterology.
  6. University of Pittsburgh: The good thing with the school is that they are offering a high quality education. They make sure that they give the best faculty to students so that they will have enough resources when they graduate.
  7. University of Texas: University of Texas is a good school because their mission is to help students who want to pursue their chosen degree, but cannot afford. If you comply with the requirements, you can qualify to the program.
  8. University of Michigan: The program allows students to conduct studies about gastroenterology and to be exposed to more strategies in treating the disease.
  9. Nationwide Children’s Hospital: Preventing a disease is important and if you want to know the treatment related to gastroenterology, you may want to choose this program.
  10. Northwestern University: The school is one of the programs to choose from when it comes to gastroenterology. It provides a quality education and great learning environment.

Future Jobs for Gastroenterologist Professionals


  • Consultant
  • Gastroenterologist assistant
  • House staff

Advantages of Gastroenterology Program

There are advantages in applying to fellowship gastroenterology program or neurosurgery fellowship. There are benefits that you also get aside from financial assistance.

  • Insurance coverage
  • Library resources
  • Access to recreational activities
  • Less expenses to reading materials

Preparing for fellowship in gastroenterology application is difficult because it involves getting transcript of record, requesting recommendation letter, writing personal statement and others. If you really want to complete gastroenterology, but you do not have budget; you should make sure to complete all the necessary documents for your fellowship application.

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So good luck with your gastroenterology fellowship!