Complete Medical Fellowship Programs Timeline

Successful medical fellowship programs applicants aren’t made overnight. They’re honed over time, with their experiences and interests all moving towards one direction—their passion to fulfill their goals and dreams to become a medical practitioner. It is also fine if you have changes in your career path, it will also be fine provided you can connect it with this current endeavor.

Fellowships Programs Medicine Tips for Success

  • Start with research and planning. This will provide you with enough time in working through your drafts as well as revisions needed for medical research fellowships. It will also give you enough time in consulting people who can help you in the process of application. They can be people who had taken a fellowship program and they can also be your mentors and advisors.
  • Get to know the fellowship and be ready with your information. Backing up your fellowship programs medicine with experiences, GPAs and other qualifications will help you in making yourself appear to be a fit candidate to take one of the slots available. All these things can help you prove that you are fit with their requirements.

You can start checking out the programs themselves on their official sites and read about their information and advice sections to learn of their qualifications, missions and visions, which are going to help you in demonstrating your suitability for their program.

  • Give yourself some time in medicine fellowship programs applications. You may want to consult early and check out the deadlines, such as submissions of forms and papers, which are mandatory.
  • Draft and revise early. Start writing early and seek feedback from your mentors and other trusted people so that you will have enough time in revising your draft several times until you become satisfied with the outcome.
  • Gather materials. Most medicine fellowship programs require recommendation letters so be ready for these early by asking your recommenders for the letter earlier.

Important Medicine Fellowship Programs Documents

  • Personal statement
  • Recommendation letters
  • Letter of intent
  • Essays
  • Proposal
  • CV or resume

Medicine Fellowship Programs Documents Timeline

*For complete timeline, check out ERAS.

Cycle for July application 2016

  • Send ERAS fellowship token request starting June 9, 2015
  • Apply for July application cycle programs starting July 15, 2015
  • Application closes May 31, 2016
  • Start of training on July 1

Cycle for December application, training July 2017

  • Token request starts June 9, 2015
  • Application fellowship starts December 2015
  • ERAS closes May 31, 2016
  • Training starts July 2017

What to Avoid in Medical Fellowship Programs

Do not miss deadlines for your medical school fellowship. You have to know when to submit papers and to apply. You may want to check out the official site of the fellowship to learn of the specific timeline to follow. In the process, you can avoid missing the deadline and the chance to submit your application.

Do not procrastinate. This is one of the mistakes of applicants in their applications. Do not wait until the last minute before starting with the application. When you procrastinate, you might also make application mistakes that you cannot afford making. The overall quality of your application will suffer in you are procrastinating.

Start getting ready for medical fellowship programs already today!