Best List of Hepatology Fellowship Programs

Hepatology is a branch of the medicine that is concerned with study, diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases affecting gallbladder, pancreas, biliary tree and liver. Hepatology program will help you to learn all the studies that you need.

Best list of Hepatology Fellowship Programs

  1. University of Massachusetts: The fellowship being offered to student is open to all nurse practitioner having doctorate or master’s degree. They are offering 1-year full time program that gives fellows with competitive full benefits and salary.
  2. Mayo University: The program is offering competitive and extreme fellowship in hepatology to any students with interventional cardiology or critical care. Students must need to meet the application deadline to qualify.
  3. St. Lukes University: They are offering 1-year fellowship program to students seeking clinical experience. To qualify, students should submit all requirements on the deadline.
  4. University of Maryland: Students must need to be full time with benefits. It is one of the programs with good hepatology fellowship in the world.
  5. UCSF: They are offering transplant hepatology fellowship with 12 months intensive clinical training that is designed in complying with the ACGME requirements. They give training to students meeting the ABIM requirements.
  6. University of Chicago: Since hepatologist career is being in demand nowadays, the school is offering fellowship in it to help students to get the degree and to apply what they have learned in practice.
  7. Emory University: The objective of the transplant or advanced hepatology is to give superior research and clinical training. The completing for the fellowship is one year and students must need to be competent enough in managing and evaluating liver transplant patients with chronic and acute liver failure.
  8. Columbia University: The transplant hepatology fellowship is one year and when it comes to training, it takes place at New York Presbyterian Hospital.
  9. Austin Peay State University: Students will know many studies related to hepatology.
  10. Cumberland University: The school offers numerous opportunities to students.

Advantages of Hepatology Program

There are several names offering hepatology program as well as gastroenterology fellowship and there are advantages also associated with it. For students who will take it, they will know more concepts and engage to more trainings. They will have room and boarding if they get the fellowship program. There are less expenses to books and other reading materials.

Future Jobs for Hepatologist Professionals

  • Consultant hepatologist
  • Hepatologist specialist

If you want to take up hepatology degree, but you cannot afford the tuition and other expenses, you can opt for hepatology fellowships program. There are great programs on the internet that is available to help you. With it, you can study without investing much money because you get financial assistance that you need.

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Good luck with hepatology fellowship enrollment!