9 Tips for Successful Fellowship Application

A fellowship application is one of the hardest challenges that you have to face if you’re looking to become a medical practitioner in the future. While the application process for medical fellowship programs is hard, you can successfully accomplish it by checking out the following tips.

Fellowship Application Writing Success Tips and Tricks

  1. Know your audience: Before writing, consider the people to read your paper are; in this case, you can tailor and speak on their perspective—and things they want to see and learn about you. Think about the audience for your application and work towards their requirements.
  2. What is your purpose? By learning of it, you will be able to differentiate your purpose and the prompt. Remember, the subject is just your summary of discussion points. For your purpose, the medical fellowship application paper must be able to draw the readers in and to give your readers the perception that the topic you are discussing is important.
  3. Make your claims clear. You should be able to show them that you are a promising student for the med fellowship slot and that it will help you in your future career. Make your argument clear by making it logical and simple to understand.
  4. Be clear and specific. Do not use technical terms and jargons in stating your point. Explain your fellowship proposal clear and simple for readers to follow to stay on the right track. While you are keeping away from jargons, you should use a strong and specific language to convey your message with confidence. In the process, you can avoid them from having doubt in your abilities to executing your proposal.
  5. Show authenticity in the medical fellowship application. Demonstrate to the funding organization your commitment by conveying the message that you can support their mission even after the support has stopped.

Tips for a Successful Fellowship Application

  • Spend enough time for writing your fellowship paper and try to break it down into manageable milestones to avoid rushing. You should know that coming up with your application paper is not a weekend activity. You have to plan it and make sure that you keep and follow mini deadlines to make it a success and to avoid pressuring yourself in the process.
  • Do your homework. Ask questions and research at the fellowship office to understand the fellowship program a bit more. You may also want to know of financial support available and you may also ask some office staff about their knowledge and experience, which may point you out on effective grant writing workshops.
  • Narrow your focus. In the process, you can concentrate or focus your energy on the most important aspects of your application and avoid wasting time in being all over the place.
  • Make your medical fellowship application all about you and the benefits you can offer to the table when you have been chosen for one of the slots.

Timeline for Medical Fellowship Application

For positions in July 2016

  • June 9, 2015 is submission of token request and which will be sent through your email once your transaction is completed
  • July 15, 2015 is the time when you can apply for July programs
  • May 31, 2016 is when ERAS closes
  • July 1 is when training begins

For complete timeline, check out ERAS.

There you have what to know about fellowship application tips and tricks to succeed as well as important notes on timeline. You might also want to read more about internal medicine fellowships, so don’t hesitate to stay at our website for a while!

Start early and prepare your fellowship application documents today!