Med Fellowship

How easy is it to get onto a medical fellowship?

Medical fellowship programs are usually very heavily oversubscribed by very well qualified applicants and you are going to have to work very hard indeed if your application is going to make you stand out. But unless you can make your application stand out and show yourself as the best applicant for the place you are not going to win the place that you want. This site is going to help you to put together the very best application as well as giving you information as to which med fellowship you should be applying to.

How will this site help you with your medical fellowship application?

Whether you are applying through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) or directly you will have to ensure that every part of your application is completed correctly and to a standard that will get you noticed. While some of the forms that you will need to complete online merely require you to list subjects taken and grades achieved there are other parts of your application that will have a major impact on your chances of success but will require a huge amount of work and time to complete:

Your personal statement:
This is your opportunity to explain your motivation and plans for the future in a way that will want the reader to accept you as part of their fellowship program. At only around a single page in length it can be hard to craft an attention grabbing and effective personal statement or statement of purpose. We will provide you with all of the following through our website:

  • Tips for what you need to include in your fellowship personal statement applications
  • Advice on writing the personal statement for medical fellowship programs
  • Tips as to what not to include within your statement of purpose
  • Sample personal statements to show you how others have applied
  • How to edit and review your SoP effectively

Your fellowship application Resume:
Your resume has got to not just list out your skills and qualifications; a well written resume is one that is going to carefully reflect exactly what the reader is looking for in an efficient manner. Our site will offer you help and advice with your resume:

  • How to format and lay out your resume for medical education fellowship programs
  • How to decide what you should include and what you can omit from your resume
  • How to write an effective fellowship resume
  • Sample resumes to show you how your resume should look
  • Editing and proofreading your CV

Letter of Recommendation (LoR):
Your letters of recommendation are usually written by your professors and others professionals that you have worked with. However you may at times be asked to co-author a LoR for the person to then approve and sign. Our website will provide help and advice with all of the following:

  • How you should approach a recommender for your LoR and what information you should supply them
  • How to format an LoR and what should it cover
  • How to write an effective LoR
  • How to review and edit your LoR

Applying to fellowships in medicine successfully

From providing a med fellowhip directory to show you which you should be applying to, through to help and advice on writing and editing your application documents this site aims to help you to gain the place that you need. Read through our site to find the information that you need to gain your med fellowship place.